Stephen O’Grady is a co-founder of RedMonk, the developer focused industry analyst firm, one of ReadWriteWeb’s great “under the radar” consultancies.  At RedMonk, he’s worked with vendors such as Dell, IBM, Red Hat and VMware on developer related issues and projects for more than a decade.  The author of The New Kingmakers, he is regularly cited by the New York Times, NPR, the Boston Globe, and the Wall Street Journal, Stephen is a popular speaker and moderator on the conference circuit.

Stephen’s research focuses on developers and developer infrastructure, from software such as programming languages, operating systems and databases to horizontal industry trends such as open source and cloud computing.  Specifically, his work with developers has yielded the following technology observations which have been predictive of mainstream market trends: the REST architectural style and Debian based Linux distributions (2004), dynamic languages and non-relational databases (2005), Amazon Web Services (2006), Decentralized Version Control Systems like Git (2007), enterprise adoption of OSS relational databases (2008), programming language fragmentation (2009), web firms’ preference for permissive licenses (2010) and so on.  More recently, he has focused on broad shifts in the technology industry, from data revenue opportunities to the valuation of software to bottom up adoption patterns.

Prior to founding RedMonk, Stephen was an analyst at Illuminata, and worked in senior capacities for leading systems integrators. A life-long Red Sox fan, Stephen is a graduate of Williams College and lives with his family in midcoast Maine.